Who you gonna call? 2016 Edition. 

Women Ghostbusters had such potential and while in some ways I enjoyed the film in other ways you should leave a classic alone. 

But on to the Lego! This set, 75828, took about 2 hours to build and I’d say it was medium difficulty. I’d possibly say mid to hard but I think that’s just because I’m tired. 

The bags came in 4 bags each with 2 small bags inside. An odd thing I noticed was the figures arn’t all in the first bag… why do I have to wait to construct my mini people? Sigh. 

The bike is a pretty nice added extra. 

The main feature, the car, turned out to be quite fiddly. You essentially build it in 3 parts and then continue to build it up on the top. 

Once the base of the cars ready you start to add the pretty ‘shell’. 

So now you have a convertible! And unless you have a steady hand you might want to stop there because the roof is awkward as hell! But if you do have the time and patience the roof looks pretty cool once you’re done. 

And it’s done! It’s quite an impressive piece and would make a great play set. Unlike the male Ghostbusters set however it doesn’t have a base for the figures to stand on. Which is a shame as the figures are really back heavy with the packs on and just fall over. 

It was a nice build, medium difficulty and a good play piece. I just wish it had a base for the figures. Would have been great to display with the original set. 


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