Lego Christmas Snow Globe!

A few days ago I posted about the awesome Christmas Eve gift I received – the Holiday Lego magnet. Today I’ll be reviewing another Christmas gift (I know I’ve been crazily spoilt this year).

I received this limited edition Lego Christmas snow globe set 40223 and must admit, it looked almost too good to open! It’s so lovely and festive I knew I had to however as if I didn’t I’d have to wait until next year to display it! Although I am looking forward to having it to display each year. 

This set has a three bags of pieces match by size rather then build order. 

First of all we get Santa ready. 

And then then initial box base for the construction. This part is easy with no real fiddly bits bar the windows which takes a slightly steady hand. 

Next we add the top, Santa and a few pieces to make presents. 

And the the Christmas tree 🎄. 

We then enclose santa with some ‘snow’ pieces. 

And add some festive holly on top!

Next we build the inner draw and slide it into the gap. 

And tada! Lego Santa in a snow globe! Very cute, very festive, very easy to build. 

My conclusion for this set is that it’s a very nice build, very much a relaxed build. Nothing too fiddly or taxing. Worked out well for a Boxing Day activity and will probably be a good thing to get me in the Christmas spirit next year. 

One thing I would say is that it’s a bit different and interesting design however it’s not massively interesting itself to build. If you’re looking for a challenge this isn’t the build for you. If your looking for a festive treat however, this could be the set for you!

Merry Christmas! 


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