Lego! On a plane…

I amused myself probably a bit too much trying to think of funny or interesting titles for this Lego post. As it happens I chose to go for a slightly cliché snakes on a plane parody, I personally have no problem with this. 

I did also play with ‘planeception’, because I built a plane while on a plane? Well I enjoyed it anyway. 

On to the Lego! On my way to the eagerly awaited holiday I popped into the lovely duty free at Doncaster airport and spotted this tiny Lego set. Lego creator set 31028 3 in 1. With this set you can build a little seaplane, a hovercraft or a catamaran. Being on a plane for four hours I chose plane obviously!

There are obviously disadvantages that come with trying to do this on a plane – no room to move your elbows, no being able to spread pieces out in fear of dropping and never seeing again and if you get turbulence during a fiddly bit… Well you tried!

This set is quite small so luckily all the pieces were in one bag, much easier in this situation then if it had been multiple. 

Setting up each stage was reasonably easy, only a few tiny pieces such as lights and tail. 


Lookin good! 

But wait! So far our boat plane is just a plane, time to add the bottom.  


 And tada! One tiny plane made, ON A PLANE! 

This build is remarkably easy even in such a small environment and a little shaking from our friend turbulence. I would however not recommend this as a child’s plane activity – I seriously doubt they’d have the steadiness needed to stop pieces fly ing everywhere. 


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