Hagrid’s Hut Lego 

If there’s one thing to rival my love of Lego it is my passion for Harry Potter!

So combine the two and you have yourself one happy little builder. 


First step – line up the pieces in a nice little OCD fashion and enjoy the calming influence of seeing it all later out. 

  Next build!




  There are some great features in this set that are really fitting to the Harry Potter theme. The brown section on the right folds down to reveal hag rods hidden book on dragons! And the fireplace spins to reveal a baby Norbet! 


There are other great little features too like the bucket for Hagrids tools and the mantle where he keeps his tools. Because he is keeper of the keys after all!

Overall this is a great build, full of fun little features that would make it great to play with but assembled in a way that could be displayed. I’d rate it as a medium difficulty build as its base starts of quite fiddly but overall reasonably nice to build without too much effort. 

The instruction also provide multiple other scene you can construct with this set too – ideal for play. Such as the owlry, a fire pit and what appears like it could be the three broomsticks in hogsmead…



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