Lego Vending Machine!

So whilst scrolling around the internet for random entertainment and feeding my slight Pinterest addiction I found such a a wonderful creation I had to share!

A lego vending machine!

Lego vending machine
Lego Vending Machine – Source
No, seriously. Apparently in the Underground at Munich Central Station (Germany) has a vending machine where you can buy lego sets!

Now not only is this a great idea for keeping kids happy on journeys (although imagine how hard not loosing pieces would be on a train!), it’s also something that’d be great for picking up a gift if your off to see relatives or friends (because who wouldn’t want lego?). Or simply buying it to have a set that came out of a vending machine…

Personally, I am nerdy enough to admit its now on my ‘to do’ list – Buy a lego set from a vending machine!

Lego Vending Machine - source
Lego Vending Machine – Source

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