Dinosaur Lego!

Ok not Jurrassic park Lego… although I am eyeing that up for another time. 

No, this is a three in one set that comes with instructions and pieces for three different dinosaurs: T Rex, pterodactyl and brachiosaurus.

It’s from the creator range (6914) which is a great creative range that provides opportunities to build and rebuild and then maybe pick a favourite and keep it as for display… As I have with my T Rex and Harry Potter mini figure for the past year or so. 

But for this build I have taken it down and rebuilt the different dino’s! 

So first build one the night was the brachiosaurus, which is actually my favourite dinosaur. 

My first impressions of this build is that it’s quite easy and although I has some small piece is not too difficult to piece together. 

It was at this point I had to look at the picture on the box to make sure of what I was building because at the minute it kind of looked like a stunted ant eater type thing…

But then I put on the head and it looks great! Almost didn’t want to take it down to build the rest of them. It’s worth meantioning that all these figures have moveable legs and jaw – great for play. 

Next up is pterodactyl-    
Now this one was easily the easiest of the builds, a very quick build but I just don’t feel it was the best of representations. However the wings move and so does the mouth and legs so could still be fun to play with. 

And finally, the big one , the T Rex! 

 So in conclusion for this build I feel like this creator build is great for a younger audience, it gives you a chance to play and change and encourages you to take it apart and play with it. It could also be a good display piece of you don’t mind picking a favourite… Or buying 3!


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