Lego Graduation

So it has come to my attention via the wonders of the app ‘timehop’ and the frequent posts from my old university class mates that a year ago this week I graduated! I won’t lie that I was extremely pleased with my results and really proud to have my family and partner with me as I received my degree. 

But in the vein of Lego – one of my prized gifts from the day was from my partner who thoughtfully surprised me with a Lego set from the occasions/seasonal range. 

The Lego graduation set is an adorable set that comes with a choice of male and female heads, a card banner that comes with a series of number stickers to attach to commemorate your year of graduation and a stylised graduation tableau. 

It has nice little features such as the degree in the graduates hand and the mini stand/desk that all adds to the overall feel of the set. 

The figurine is a great gift set for display and I feel that having this figurine is a great addition to any set for adults and children. (A bit of inspiration for them maybe?)



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