It all Started with a Big Bang!

Math, science, history, unravelling the mystery… Of Lego!

The Lego ideas seemed to really pull out a gem on this one, I’ve seen the original designs idea and not only have Lego stuck pretty close to the original idea but the original set design too! The little details are all such a treat as you go along, so if you’re looking to be surprised I’d skip to the end for the summary.

The Build

  I will admit that I got a little excited when opening this bad boy up, just in the packages you can already start to see some of the exciting features of the set – anybody spy Penny waiting to be assembled?

Anyway, pack 1 is the initial base of the Big Bang and three of the characters –

 Got the first of the gang to help me get started!

 Ta da! Pack 1 is done! As you can see there’s already a lot of detailing coming through – the fiddly bookcases, the computer, lamp and store cupboard. I was eager to open the next bag and see what other goodies it had in store.

Reinforcements! Now it’s a party. The next section is less fiddly and more of the ‘big’ stuff. You’ve got the sofa, chairs and accessories that tie the whole piece together.

And that’s it! You can see a lot of the great feature here – the rug that disappears under the sofa, the telescope and you can just see at the front… Raj’s dog Cinnamon! An adorable added extra I didn’t expect. You might even be able to spot the notorious thermostat in corner there…


So, what I found with this set is that it’s a great fan piece, for Big Bang Theory and for Lego. It has great intricate pieces that take a bit of concentration but on a whole it’s not a massively difficult. It has extra pieces such as the plates, knives and forks that would make it great for play or set up in different scenarios. Because after all how much of the show is made up of them eating!

Personally I’m going to keep it out as a display piece but this would be a great piece for play or display.


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