Who you Gonna Call?

I don’t mind telling you that I drop more then a few ‘hints’ that I wanted the Lego Ghostbusters set when it came out. It was basically me sitting boyfriend down, looking him deeply in the eye, slowly batted my eyelashes and explaining that if he ever wanted another moments peace this set would arrive under the tree that Christmas.

So when I unwrapped my presents and found the beauty needless to say boyfriend got a big kiss.

But onto Lego.

The packaging for this set is highly stylised as with most the Lego Ideas sets – which lean more towards the adult audience using darker imagery and showing the sets pretty much as they are rather then the ‘in action’ poses often seen in the sets aimed at kids. Yet not so ‘adult’ as the architecture sets, there are still a bit of life and some good graphics shown.

On opening the set it was thrilling to see the great mix of pieces, for me it did seem a bit strange that the mini figures pieces were all mixed up in the different bags but they all got sorted in the end.

The Build

So to start off you’ve got a bit of fiddling to do with the actual mini figures because they have  the proton packs on their backs that need assembling – which by the way is a great touch to the piece as a whole. A really good feature that makes it ideal for play, but as you can see you also build up a little bar for them to stand on – perfect for display.

Right so on to the car! The base is a pretty easy construction and it has some really intreging designs and really cool building ideas.

You can see at this point there’s going to be some cool inside gadgets the car but it’s not going to be an opening car so no doors.

 And as it gets built up you can see more great features like the lisence plate – lovely extra touch.  

This car builds up pretty fast and the features like how the windows fit in are something that did make me smile, it uses a simple but effective method that fits easily with the design without obscuring the view of the inner gadgets.

Next up was the roof, lots of lovely fiddly little pieces in this section. But the amount of detail and effectiveness of the composition makes it worth the extra concentration.

Put it all together and you’ve got a great little car, the four mini figures and the great feel of the Ghostbusters!


After sorting the pieces and building the car up, a build i’d describe as a lower mid level skill set, It’s a great opportunity to appreciate the fantastic styling that went into the design. It lends itself to a great display piece given its display stand and the lack of opening doors but the extra ideas and features such as the proton packs and ghostbusters goodies on the piece that it wouldn’t go wrong as a play piece for the true lovers of Ghostbusters.

If I have a grumble it’s that the hair piece for Peter Venkman that arrived in the set did not fit the head… I did use legos replacement service which while a little fiddly (which is actually pretty understandable when you think how many pieces and sets there are in the world to be potentially fixed), but then I got my replacement which had the same defect! I think needless to say i was starting to get a bit agitated but all I had to do is email them again and they sent another (correctly fitting) piece straight out. This was a service that I didn’t know existed until this point (having never needing it before) but I think it’s great that it exists. They don’t just replace broken or faulty pieces but they’ll replace ones you’ve lost too!


Check it out if you ever need it, just bare in mind the lost piece cost a little to replace (it’s not Lego’s fault if you loose them!).


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