In the Beginning there were Bricks…

One of my favourite lego ‘facts’ is that there is roughly 62 lego pieces per person for the whole population of earth. And it’s true, I don’t think I know anybody who didn’t have at least a few bricks to build with growing up. They are often your mums, your dads or even your grandparents but they are there and if nothing else they have proven that they last the test of time and lets face it – they’re more likely to break you if you step on them then you break them…

But in all honesty I feel I came into the game late; I remember getting my first lego set (the Black Knight’s Castle – LEGO set #6086-1) from my grandparents and my dad helping me build it (or in other words he built it) and then he took it down and told me to try… I have the ghost to show for it. I couldn’t do it, it was beyond my capabilities, but now, I can’t get enough!


It was during university I found the craving for building and it wasn’t a kindling it was a blaze! From using the concepts and medias for projects (Lego tattoo webpage designs):


To CV designs:

lego cv

And now I feel that, after build set after set and trying idea after idea, that now would be a great time to join in with the vast Lego and brick building community and share my builds, my ideas and my reviews on sets.

I am hoping to expand my knowledge, inspiration and share some great stuff!


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